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Manage Documents with Ease

DocuWare digital document management offers far more than a way to replace cumbersome paper with digital files. It’s a comprehensive system that converts your company’s documents — email, invoices, contracts and other documents — into valuable resources and business intelligence insights.

We help you understand how better document process management reduces costs and drives out inefficiencies, improving your business operations from workflow efficiency to document indexing, employee collaboration and beyond.

At Inland, we provide highly efficient start-to-finish guidance, helping you through the stages of assessment and planning to implementation and integration, while also providing the training, support and education that ensure maximum adoption by users.



  • Convenient management of all organizational content (structure and unstructured) throughout its life cycle
  • Facilitated compliance with failsafe security and auditing features… no extra st​​​eps
  • ​​Seamless integration with the applications you’re already using simplifies processing for every department
  • ​Manual, repetitive operations get fully automated, freeing up employees for more important work and productive time

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